some simple pleasures.

Hello my loves! Ok, now I must tell you about some things that have made me happy over the last couple of days.

1) Your comments! My goodness, how good it is to have friends. Even more so for friends that I have not met. Thank you so much for sharing your stories with me. I was so incredibly thrilled that so many of you decided to take part in sharing your experiences with me. Totally the highlight of my week. Here's hoping I can now keep up with my commitment to share my own experiences, pleasures and accomplishments with you!

2) A young Latino. Ok this is going to sound so racist. But let's be honest. I'm not racist. At all. (In fact, I'm still praying for a miraculous miracle that would allow me to have biracial babies if I marry a white guy.) So anyway. I was on the train the other day, and this old white lady sneezed, and then this young thug-tacular latino next to her looked at her with the kindest eyes and said "God bless you." That's it. I know it's crazy. But there was just something so beautiful about this big dude with his black yankees cap and mechanic's jumpsuit saying God bless you to this old lady in her khaki trenchcoat - I just melted.

3) I have tomorrow off. Praise the Lord. And I mean that, because He is the reason I get the day off :)

So those are a few of my "pleasures" for the week...and yours??? Experiences and accomplishments to come (I hope).



  1. Pleasures and achievements will surely come ........

  2. I planted lots of fruits and veggies today... or at least the ones alabama will allow... like egg plant, lettuce, spinach, strawberries, bell peppers and chili peppers! MMM can't wait for them to grow.

  3. I love your blog, its so cute!!
    Aww, that story about the old lady and the young guy is so adorable!

  4. I love your "God Bless You" story... SO SWEET. And I love how you want to get to know your readers better. So neat. I will be heading home with the husband to spend Easter with the 'rents. I just hope our cat travels "drama-free"!

  5. my experiences these past several days:

    1) the SUNSHINE!!! and warm weather. there is nothing i enjoy more than a nice warm sunny day. i like to think that when i can feel the warmth of the sun on my skin, it's God's way of kissing me. and when i feel the wind breeze around me, it's like God's way of hugging me.

    2) My boyfriend came home for the weekend for Easter. I haven't seen him in months. he goes to college out of state, so he does not get to visit home much. and he took me on a surprise date: a picnic at the park. it was so sweet and wonderful. then we stopped by his grandfather's home and visited with him for a bit too- pure joy!

    and p.s. i too am...humbled when i have experience such as your "young latino" experience.

    Thank you so much for sharing!

  6. 1) warmth and sunshine... it feels soooo good outside! i love feeling that heat on my skin, in my clothes, beneath my feet. i could just lay in the sun for hours, absorbing those rays of sun into my skin. i can feel my soul just drinking in the sunlight whenever the sun and i are out at the same time. i'm so blessed to live in florida! this winter was so friggin' cold; i treasure every minute of sunniness.

    2) being able to relax a bit! ... sunday, my church put on a play, and whoa... it took up so much of my time! and i wasn't even an actor/actress! that burden being lifted feels great! all that stress literally just melted off my shoulders. i can have a life now! i don't have to worry about remembering lyrics, or practicing music... i'm free. and it feels good.

    3) my friends and family... they're the best. :) i used to be so shy... still am a bit. but, it's so good to have friends. friends that care, friends to mess around and joke with, friends to cry with... i feel loved... liked. i'm thankful for my friends, my family... my brothers and sisters, my little alina and rebecca... papa and nana at work (and all the regulars)... my boyfriend elio, the cabrera family, and even the friends i'm not so close with... i'm not alone. knowing that keeps me from going crazy. it's one of the best feelings in the world, knowing that no matter what, i am loved.

  7. mmmm let's see
    1- I wrote my first article that pleased the editor and he offered me a job :D
    2- I found an artistic way to fight with my guy without causing damage.
    3- Me and my guy started arranging our home. :)