let's talk about our feelings.

So they interchanged their small experiences, accomplishments and pleasures, and both were the better, as well as the happier, for it; because in this way only can we truly love our neighbor as ourself, and get the real sweetness out of life.
-Louisa May Alcott, Under the Lilacs.
I like starting things with quotes. Mostly because other people say stuff better than me.

I love it when people share with me. And not just their food or toys, though I love that too. I like getting to know people - you know, what makes them "tick" as they say. I want to know why in the world you tilt your head to the side every time I talk to you. Is this your way of letting me know you are listening? Or maybe your way of making me think you are listening while your thoughts wander elewhere? I dunno. But I want to.

As Louisa says, knowing each other is the only way we can truly love each other. I mean think about it - how am I supposed to love you if I don't really know you?

So tell me, what are your experiences and accomplishments and pleasures?

No really, I want to know.

Oh my gosh, I just had the best idea. Just now. Ok here it is. Every week, I am going to post a new experience, a new accomplishment and a new pleasure. Holy dude man, that is 3 posts a week, plus my usual ramblings. Can I really do this? Yes. Maybe. You won't hate me if I fail? I'll try really hard not to fail. But here's the deal - I want to hear yours too.

Let's be friends k?

And hopefully something exciting happens tomorrow so I don't bore your pants off...



  1. Great idea! and so true about not being able to love whom we don't know.
    My experience today: I had an hour until I had to catch the bus for work. I took a nap in one of the lounges on campus, when I woke up it was 6:15. The bus arrives at the stop around 6:20ish and it takes me about 10 minutes to walk to the bus stop. So I bolt up and RUN down 25th street to arrive at 6:24. I waited until abot 6:31 when I decide I had missed the bus after all. Luckily one of the girls where I work passes by the bus stop, so I called her for a ride and made it to work in plenty of time.
    Heehe, oh the joys of being a city girl.
    Have a super great day friend :)

  2. so today... i was stopped at a red light, right? the very front of the line. the light turned green, i pressed the gas, and.... nothing. my car was dead in the middle of an intersection. i tried pushing the 'emergency light' button but was so frazzled, i'm pretty sure i was pushing the rear window button instead. i roll my windows down, look out awkwardly, and just hope someone nice comes and lends a hand.

    ...Jacob to the rescue. i don't know him, and i didn't even get his last name. i wish i would have paid him or something. he whips in front of me, hooks me and my car to his truck with a chain, and gets me to a parking lot. i definitely held true to his "cowboy up" sticker on his back window.

    if it had happened any other day, it would have seemed perfectly normal. but today, today was one of those days where i could've thought, "if something else really weird happens, this day might just go down in history as the worst day of my life." and it did.

    but then i saw the full moon tonight, and it turned out not to be the worst day after all. and it's good to know of another gentleman in the world. :)

    that's my experience from today. oh, and i'm emily. :)

  3. I hung out and made omelets with a really cool girl tonight...


    great post...going to miss you while I'm in Texas!

  4. have you heard that lisa hannigan song, "i'd like to know you"? i am not positive if that is the title, but that is a common lyric, haha. and it fits your post perfectly, in case you were wondering.

  5. Oh I can't wait for this project to start! So exciting! So here is something about me from last week... I cooked a completely vegan meal. Vegan chicken nuggets, mac and cheese and green beans. It was great! I am going to try and go completely vegan for one whole month in the near future. And the song is called, "I don't know" from allison's above comment :) great song btw. Love love love! (You that is) Kelly

  6. Lol i like this post, but the funny thing is alot of ur folowers probably live milllleeeeesss and miles away.

  7. Your posts are always interesting to read, this time you just want to relax & read while others write :)
    Well, today while I was on the bus,sitting behind me were 2 very old men who were engaged in a very hot conversation.Their Will.Actually one was telling the other advices on writing his will,now that was weird.Well not weird, but it's the 1st time I heard such a conversation!!

  8. Oh my goodness, such great stories! And yes Allison and Kelly - LOVE that song. Pretty much brought tears to my eyes.

    And how exciting 1) that I have followers and 2) that they live in far off and exciting places! Wahoo! Keep the stories coming!

  9. this week and last, i've been spending more time outside playing with my brothers and sisters. the weather has FINALLY started to warm up down here, and it feels so good!

    ... i'd been feeling like i haven't been the greatest sister. i didn't pay enough attention to them... and i realized that needed to change. i realized i needed to make some adjustments in my life. i'm getting older, and so are they... who knows how much more time we have together?

    so far, it's been great! we spent a few days drawing with chalk on our driveway; we've already been through several buckets of chalk... and not only have we been playing, we've been cleaning together too! that, in itself, is pretty amazing. if only you knew what a mess our house is! (on second thought, it's probably better that you don't know... it's embarrassing.) we're having more fun together already in the past couple of weeks than we've had in about a year. it's sad that it's been so long... but good that things are changing for the better. :) that's what's happenin' here.