Bedouins is Relevant!

Hey guys, guess what? Relevant magazine ran an article on Bedouins International for the new issue! So go buy a copy!


Pictures from Portland!

Hey so here are my faves (mostly involving me...haha) from my trip to Portland with Stephen. There are a lot more on Stephen's blog if you want to check some more out.


i love furniture

unfortunately i can never afford it. IKEA currently holds all of my dream furniture, and tends to be fairly priced, but i recently saw a furniture magazine called CB2 and it is now running a close second to IKEA. check em out.




The Great Kelly Fly

Kelly Fly is my hero. That she is. And she now has a blog to put up all of her fantabulous art so you should go check it out here:

Soul Happy

And then you should be her friend because she makes a great one :)


Busy Week...

So this week has been super busy. We had our benefit for Bedouins International at Urban Srandard last night. It went really well...we got to show the presentation on the Canal and Neil Couvillion and Roger Eason played for us, and to top it off we raised enough money to cover our trip to Haiti!!

Speaking of Haiti, we all went and got our shots yesterday as well. :(
They really weren't as bad as I thought they were going to be. Roger almost cried though. haha. Poor Rog. And then Paul made out with the nurse. Or so he claimed...

So now I am relaxing at Stephen's apartment after another day of work. The Board members for Bedouins are hanging out too (we had our Board meeting this morning). I am really looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow. Oh how I love 11:00 church...

P.S. Everyone should go grab a copy of Relevant magazine this month...Bedouins is in it!

Love you guys. Peace out.



So Portland was amazing. I had almost forgotten how much I love the Davis-Boozers. Hanging out with them was so great, and it was really great for them to get to meet Stephen too, not just because he took some amazing photos, but because it was really weird for my best friend not to know my boyfriend and other best friend. And plus, she had to approve. (p.s. did you approve CM?)

I'll link Stephen's photos as soon as he gets them back from the lab.

As far as the city of Portland goes, it was really great and really different from anywhere in the Southeast. Everyone was super eco-conscious...there were recycling bins on every corner and you would probably get run over by a biker (because driving is bad for the environment) if you were holding anything made of styrofoam. There were also free stuff boxes outside of a lot of homes where you could just grab whatever you wanted, and every home had a beautiful garden in their little front yards. The air felt better there...there were so may trees and plants so breathing was a joy (in great contrast to the air pollution warnings we get weekly here and Birmingham)... and then of course being able to wear sweaters in the mornings and evenings was a great change from the 90 degree weather in Alabama.

It really was a great trip and I would suggest visiting Portland if ever you get a chance to take a vacation. And you should look up the Davis-Boozers while you're there - they make excellent guides and travel companions! Pics to come soon!