sometimes I just want a script.

I can literally lay on the couch and watch an entire season of a cheesy teenage drama series and never get bored. Is that bad?

I so easily get sucked into their world. I get attached to the characters; I want to know how their lives end up. I still wonder how Joey and Pacey are doing. And Peyton and Luke. And oh my gosh did Veronica and Logan even end up together?!? (I mean how are you supposed to deal with a series getting cancelled mid-season?!)

I think there's something wrong with me.

Isn't my life supposed to be more interesting than a fictional tv show? When did reality become less interesting than a script? (Well, I guess there is the whole thing where writers deliberately add drama to keep you watching...they do call it "drama" for a reason.) But isn't life full of real drama? Maybe we'd rather be involved with someone else's drama. Maybe it's easier to watch it from "afar." Maybe it's easier to point out what they did wrong or say "Oh, I would have done it this way instead." Maybe it's easier to see how obvious the right thing is and blame the obvious bad guy for doing the wrong thing. Maybe it's also nice to see the good guy do the wrong thing, and then pat ourselves on the back for being "normal."

Whatever the reason, it's distracting. I've been sitting on the couch since 11am watching the entire first season of "Switched At Birth" and wondering if Bay and Emmett are gonna make it through this whole Ty fiasco (and holy crap they better) but simultaneously wondering if maybe my Saturday could have been better spent hanging out with real people with real problems?

Is it ok that I would rather hang out with fictional characters that have their own scripts than with real people I might actually have to converse with?

I'm not so sure.

Sometimes I just want my own script...