back to school, back to school, to prove to dad i am not a fool...

so its been a while since I've posted. thats probably because school is sucking the life out of me. ok so maybe that's a bit dramatic, but i mean really - since when is 15 hrs supposed to feel like 40? it probably doesn't help that I'm supposed to be in class right now - but that's not my fault...the transit was 20 minutes late and i didn't want to walk into class half way through it. oi.

i thought there were so many things i wanted to say, but now i can't think of anything. i'm sure it will all come to me the moment i step into my next class (stats lab) and then i won't be able to concentrate on what i'm supposed to be doing. story of my life. man, i am so negative. i need to work on that. there are a lot of things i need to work on. like how to have a life. well, so much for not being negative.

but really, what happened to the days of freshman and sophomore year when i would hang out with people every night and stay up way later than i should have? i had so much fun back then...and i even made good grades. oh well. life doesn't really suck or anything. i'm just being a bit nostalgic i guess. the other night i went through all of my old photo albums and watched a video i made of my last week in high school. pathetic, i know, but there are some things that i just miss. like the whole being a kid with no responsibility thing. and then of course there are things i don't miss...like being obnoxious and ridiculously needy.

but alas, it is time for class...hey that rhymed...maybe i should change my major again to english..ha ha..yeah right