i hate fire.

It is literally my worst fear. I know, I know. We aren't supposed to fear...perfect loves casts it out and such. But really. I hate fire. It destroys and hurts and, well, it hurts. My parents had to go through it last year.

So anyway, here is my "experience" for the week:

I was at work yesterday when we heard this crazy explosion outside. I looked out my window to see smoke coming out of a grate and then this blue-green fire. Apparently, some guys were doing electrical work and a transformer ended up blowing. We heard an announcement to turn off all computers, and then eventually the electricity went out. We watched as firetrucks started pulling up and guys in big heavy suits started trying to put out the fire. About 20 minutes later we were evacuated from the building and told that due to the dangerous levels of carbon monoxide we couldn't come back until Thursday.

(photo by KFox)

See the Times Square Church sign? My office is the corner office 2 windows above the sign. Check out a news report and video of the fire here.

Anyway, I'm glad no one was seriously injured (and that I'm off of work today!) Hope you all had a wonderful Tuesday, and I look forward to hearing from you!



  1. Glad that you are safe - I am sorry you had to witness that!

  2. i love fire. its beautiful light colors. and the different shape it makes everytime is just so cool.

  3. Hi Jessi,
    My name is Bliss and i own a blog just 3 blogs away from yours..
    I started reading yours and i love it!
    God is the center of my life and i was blessed to see a fellow beleiver that is so creative.
    Thanks for your blog. It made my day.
    You are bookmarked in my favorites. :)

  4. your work is awesomely awesome. thanks for sharing :]

  5. your work is awesomely awesome. thanks for sharing :]