this is it.

Here it is, kids. I have discovered the meaning of life. Here is what I want to do:

House by the Side of the Road
by Sam Walter Foss

There are hermit souls that live withdrawn
In the place of their self-content;
There are souls like stars, that dwell apart,
In a fellowless firmament;
There are pioneer souls that blaze the paths
Where highways never ran-
But let me live by the side of the road
And be a friend to man.

Let me live in a house by the side of the road
Where the race of men go by-
The men who are good and the men who are bad,
As good and as bad as I.
I would not sit in the scorner's seat
Nor hurl the cynic's ban-
Let me live in a house by the side of the road
And be a friend to man.

I see from my house by the side of the road
By the side of the highway of life,
The men who press with the ardor of hope,
The men who are faint with the strife,
But I turn not away from their smiles and tears,
Both parts of an infinite plan-
Let me live in a house by the side of the road
And be a friend to man.

I know there are brook-gladdened meadows ahead,
And mountains of wearisome height;
That the road passes on through the long afternoon
And stretches away to the night.
And still I rejoice when the travelers rejoice
And weep with the strangers that moan,
Nor live in my house by the side of the road
Like a man who dwells alone.

Let me live in my house by the side of the road,
Where the race of men go by-
They are good, they are bad, they are weak, they are strong,
Wise, foolish - so am I.
Then why should I sit in the scorner's seat,
Or hurl the cynic's ban?
Let me live in my house by the side of the road
And be a friend to man.


even when life totally sucks...

...know that God is with you. Take it from Job:

"God alienated my family from me;
everyone who knows me avoids me.
My relatives and friends have all left;
houseguests forget I ever existed.
The servant girls treat me like a bum off the street,
look at me like they've never seen me before.
I call my attendant and he ignores me,
ignores me even though I plead with him.
My wife can't stand to be around me anymore.
I'm repulsive to my family.
Even street urchins despise me;
when I come out, they taunt and jeer.
Everyone I've ever been close to abhors me;
my dearest loved ones reject me.
I'm nothing but a bag of bones;
my life hangs by a thread...

...Still, I know that God lives—the One who gives me back my life—
and eventually he'll take his stand on earth.
And I'll see him—even though I get skinned alive!—
see God myself, with my very own eyes.
Oh, how I long for that day!"

Me too.



it is a new year.

And it is going to be good. It has to be. I know it's a little late, but I have come up with a few resolutions, except these are more like life resolutions, not so much "new year's" resolutions. Here are the first three:

1. Enjoy a healthier lifestyle. 

Eating better obviously falls under this resolution, which is kind of being forced on me since my mom is on a no sugar, no bread diet. But my parents also have a garden and chickens, which means fresh veggies and eggs at my fingertips, which is kinda awesome.

This should be a piece of cake. (Not literally, of course.)

I would also like to be a bit more active. New York was great in a lot of ways, but one of it's greatest assets was the fact that it was a "walking city." Driving was stupid and pointless, really. Walking was the best mode of transportation, and it really made me feel great. I literally walked at least a couple of miles every day (except for those days when I stayed in bed all day eating family packs of Twizzlers and watching full seasons of Veronica Mars). I'm hoping to keep the walking thing up, though it's a bit hard when driving really is necessary. I mean, I now live way out in the country where it's a 15 minute drive to anything. Walking is out of the question. Maybe I should get a bike?

2. Get out of debt.

This one kind of speaks for itself. The burden of being in debt is starting to overwhelm me. I feel completely trapped. I can't go anywhere or do anything or buy anything without feeling the guilt of "Well I guess I'll just be making the minimum payment this month too." Yuck. Stupid credit cards. Student loan debt is a different story. I don't feel so bad about that...it was more of an investment. But credit card debt? Not a good idea. Once I'm out, I'm out. Never. Ever. Again.

3. Figure out what makes me happy and do it.

I believe we, every single one of us, were created, and in that creation was a purpose. I also believe that our Creator is good. Therefore, I believe our purpose is good. In us lies the ability to make a difference in this world. But I also believe that our Creator found joy in His purpose. And I think there is something to that. Maybe our purpose in itself doesn't have to change the world, but the joy it gives can certainly make a difference as well. The ability to find joy in what we do and what we ourselves create cannot be underestimated. That joy will motivate us and make us better people. If you do what you love, you will love what you do. That not only makes you a happier person, but it also makes the people around you happier. I say, let's create some happiness.

All that said, there are a lot of things that make me happy. One of those is old stuff. I love the story behind an  old photograph or a 50s prom dress or an old deck of cards. A flea market is my wonderland. So, my mom and I have put together a vintage shop on Etsy to share some of that joy. You can check it out here if you want. I'll be putting up lots of new finds over the next few days, so be sure to check back. In the meantime, what makes you happy?