meet jessi

I believe that there's a time and a place for everything. Lately though, I've been thinking that that time is now, and that place is here. I want to make the best and most out of the time I've been given. I don't try to pretend that I always make good choices, but I'm damn well gonna try. I love art and I love helping people. I am still in the process of learning how those things can work together, which is why I do what I do. I love learning and educating others when I can. I am still in the process of growing up, which is why I say what I say here on this blog. I love God and his love for me keeps me going. I am still in the process of walking in his grace and keeping close to His word, which is why I hope what I hope each and every day.

My favorite things are puppies and coffee and front porches. I also have a deep appreciation for sunsets, farms and mountainous landscapes. I want to build a cabin in the woods and "be a friend to man," as the great Mr. Foss once said. It's ideal
lic and dreamy, sure...but it sure beats the alternative.

In the end, we all grow up...though some get a little further than others. Some learn a little, some learn a lot in the process. Sometimes we love, sometimes we get our hearts broken. We all get to live though. And we all get to choose what we do with that life, while we still have it.

I really want to try and make it good.