starting over

So I went up to Auburn this past weekend and realized with some frustration that things are very different. Familiar people have gone, new people have come - I'm going to have to start over in a lot of respects. I'm excited to make new friends and share my life with new people, but its kind of a scary thing. I've never been very good with change. And I certainly wasn't used to being the new kid in Auburn - I mean its been 3 1/2 years since I first went up there, and I was supposed to feel like like the new kid then, but now that I'm returning I'm not supposed to be the new kid - I'm supposed to be the good friend who's finally come back from vacation. But I almost felt like a visitor or a guest. Of course, I'm sure that will change. It was just weird.

On top of everything I did a very Jessi thing and went to the Christmas banquet in a formal gown, gloves, and a tiara, but the problem was that only about 5 people realized it was a very Jessi thing. To everyone else I was just a bit overdressed. Alas.

However, I am very excited about moving in with Allison. Her place is amazing - and of course she is amazing and fun and I think we are going to have a spectacular time living together. Plus, I think it will help me to get to know all of the people I don't really know yet. I'm definitely glad I'm not living by myself like I had originally planned. This semester is gonna be good - different, but good.

Although I really wish Calla Maria was still here. It most surely will not be the same without her. She has always been at my side in Auburn. First she lived next door, then we lived together for 2 years. Who will I play in the rain with? Who will I have cake fights with? Who will I steal traffic barrels with? (for the record, stealing is bad) Who will enjoy whoa with me at Chili's? Who will I take bubble baths with (with a swim suit on)? Who will let me sit in her lap on the scholarship couch while eating Java chip ice cream and watching Dawson's Creek? It certainly will not be the same.