Helping through Facebook

ok so normally i would not be one to promote facebook applications (for those of you who don't know what facebook is, it's basically an online networking site that helps you keep in touch with all of your friends; applications can be added to make things more "fun" and/or complicated)

HOWEVER there is one that I must promote. It is the Causes application. By putting it on your Facebook you can promote the cause of whatever organization you wish to promote.

You should start with the cause for Bedouins International. We are going to Haiti in September and we really need to raise some support. We are going down to document a school on Coco Beach as well as an initiative called The Vanilla Bean Project which will be put in place to provide children and their families with a sustainable income. This cause is worth promoting.

Go to Facebook

Go to Facebook Causes

This is your chance to help! Please?


need a photographer?

ok so i know there are a number of you out there looking for a photographer. i know this because i am going to about eight weddings this summer. so i thought i would pass along the website of a photographer here in birmingham who might just be the most talented photographer i know. he shoots weddings, bands, documentary stuff, everything really. and he's the main photographer for Bedouins International. you really should check out his stuff...it is pretty fantastic. Here is a picture of me he took that i really love.

Check out all of his galleries here:


yay for apendices

so i had a little scare this past weekend...thought i had appendicitis...and i have no health insurance. it was great fun. to go to the doctor for a check up would have cost about $100 and getting a CT scan to check out my appendix would have probably been somewhere around $1,000. not having health insurance is really scary. i mean if i really had appendicitis and my appendix had ruptured i could have died, but i really didn't want to have to pay $1,000 (even on a payment plan) if it was just a stomach bug you know? i mean what can you do in those situations? you're just stuck.

but i feel much better now thanks to a lot of prayer and tlc...and patience...i am a whiny baby when i don't feel good. so many thanks go to my infinitely patient boyfriend stephen for putting up with me. and to my mom and good friend kelly for praying for me. i love you guys!

so have no fear, i still have my trusty appendix in good working condition...or does it work? what exactly does your appendix do again? something about good bacteria or immunity or something? i'll have to get back to you on that.


orange sky

so i've had this song stuck in my head for the last 2 days..so you should go listen to it because it is fairly fantanstical

my favorite line is "in your love, my salvation lies in your love..." and so on.


Alexi Murdoch
(click on orange sky)


Bedouins on Squidoo

Hey guys...check out the new Squidoo lens for Bedouins International HERE.

There you can look at our video, see some of our pics and browse around at some of the other lenses to find out more about what else is going on in the world. Have fun!