To you, O LORD, I called;
to the Lord I cried for mercy:

"What gain is there in my destruction,
in my going down into the pit?
Will the dust praise you?
Will it proclaim your faithfulness?

Hear, O LORD, and be merciful to me;
O LORD, be my help


um, what did you just say?

So I listening to NPR this morning (I know, right? I am my father's daughter) and this guy was announcing the morning's headlines. It went something like this.

Yesterday Afghanistan began its second ever vote for president. There were scattered reports of violence and the Taliban was threatening to cut off the hands of anyone who showed up at the polls. The Dow went down three point yesterday...BLAH BLAH BLAH.

Are you kidding me? Did you just say that PEOPLE WERE GETTING THEIR HANDS CUT OFF for voting for a new president and you did not even muster up a pause, a hesitation, or maybe, I dunno, an inflection of some sort insinuating the fact that HOLY CRAP PEOPLE ARE GETTING THEIR HANDS CUT OFF FOR VOTING?!?

Sweet Mother of Jehovah. I was a little ticked. I mean come on guys. Who was scared to vote for Obama, or McCain for that matter? (I mean besides the fear of the Antichrist as President vs. facing another 40 year war?) How about I VOTED FOR RON PAUL.

Come and get me.


the human species' greatest talent?

For it is said that humans are never satisfied, that you give them one thing and they want something more. And this is said in disparagement, whereas it is one the greatest talents the species has and one that has made it superior to animals that are satisfied with what they have.

-John Steinbeck, The Pearl

John Steinbeck is by far one of my favorite American authors. His characters make me think about life unlike many can. But how do I feel about this statement? I typically see a man's lust for more as something ugly and meaningless. But then what is passion for your work, what is motivation to do better, what is growing up? Is it good to want something more for yourself? Or is it selfish? Is there a line somewhere we must be oh so careful not to cross?

What is that line?


I'm just a introverted, sensing, feeling, judging kind of gal...

Otherwise known as ISFJ (Introversion, Sensing, Feeling, Judgment).

You are quiet, friendly, responsible, and conscientious. You are committed and steady in meeting your obligations. You are thorough, painstaking, and accurate. You are loyal, considerate, notice and remember specifics about people who are important to you, and concerned with how others feel. You strive to create an orderly and harmonious environment at work and at home. Famous people with your same ISFJ personality include: Former US First Lady Barbara Bush, figure skater Kristi Yamaguchi, Mother Theresa, General Robert E. Lee, and actor Michael Caine.

So yeah, I took the Meyers-Briggs Personality Type facebook app quiz (quite a title, huh?) and this is what they gave me. I feel like it was pretty right on - especially the "remember specifics about people who are important to you." I mean I have a terrible memory in general, but I literally make mental notes in my head when someone I care about mentions a like or a dislike. For example, Allison mentions to me that The Jonas Brothers are the worst band ever. I make a mental note not to get her their CD for her birthday. (And then continue to debate the merits of this adorably talented trio)

I am incredibly honored to be put in the same category as Mother Theresa. And Michael Caine. I'll take that.

Any other ISFJ's out there?

p.s. The Bake Sale is still going on. Order your bread, cookies or brownies today and benefit a worthy cause.


I want to bake you something.

mmmm......i mean who wouldn't love some freshly baked cookies, or a freshly baked loaf of bread...or maybe some delicious peanut butter chocolate chip brownies?!?

So here's the deal. As most of you know, I work with this amazing organization called Bedouins International. We help other non-profits and humanitarian causes share what they do by giving them media. We go to them, give them photos, videos, a new website - whatever they need to tell their stories.

The next story we are helping to tell is of KISI, or the Kiini Sustainable Initiative. They are this amazing NGO that works to eliminate poverty and empower youth and women in the marginalized communities in Kenya. We want to tell their story.

Here's the thing. I still have to buy a ticket, visas, shots, film, gear etc which comes to an exciting total of $4,200. We are leaving in October.

So here is what I would like to do. I would like to help raise the money for what I think is a very important project. I am good at baking. Hence, I would like to have a Bake Sale. So inventive, I know.

Here is what I can bake (all freshly made from scratch):

Whole Wheat Marble Loaf Bread
Dozen Chocolate Chip Cookies
Dozen Peanut Butter Chip Brownies

I will make something fresh for you, and in return I am asking for a $25 donation to Bedouins International. All proceeds go towards telling this story!

Unfortunately this only applies to Bham peeps, as mailing perishables/meltables does not work so well. I will hand deliver though!!

Comment if you would like to buy, help, donate and feel free to pass along. And for my baker friends - feel free to have your own Bake Sale to benefit this worthy cause!!!

Love you all, Jessi