i suck at words.

did you ever say something so perfectly in your head, but then when it came to saying it out loud it came out a jumbled confusing stuttering mess and you just sounded like a complete jerk?

i hate it when that happens.


Heart Gallery Exhibit tonight!

Come see and find out more about Alabama's waiting children. They need a permanent, loving family to call their own!

Opening reception is tonight (June 25th) at 5:45pm at the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute (520 16th St N in Birmingham). The portrait exhibit of the children will be in the Woolfolk Gallery and their will be a short program on fostering and adopting in Alabama. And if that doesn't inspire you, there will be free food and wine!

Find out more at Heart Gallery's website.

Hope to see you there!




my other blog template was too busy for my taste. so i simplified.

and june seems to be wedding month. i'll be working my 5th wedding this month with Stephen DeVries Weddings. woot.

Once I rest I shall be back with a profound thought.

p.s. I gave in to twitter...follow me HERE.



New wedding site!

Stephen just made his new wedding blog live! Check it out here.

p.s. know anyone who's getting married? cause if so you should forward this to them!!!