So I was talking to my very wise mommy yesterday, and of course I was rambling about how I couldn't wait until this! and was so looking forward to this! oh my gosh and this! too.

And then she was like, "Chill. Out." Ok, she didn't really say it like that, but I'm translating for you.

I have got to stop looking forward to things that may or may not happen! I am blessed where I am right here and now. I mean it is wonderful to dream - so , so wonderful - but if I'm always looking forward, won't I miss everything that is happening right now?

And what a tragedy that would be.

Remember that "Happy List" I was making? Oh, did you forget about it too? Ha, no worries. Well, I started on it and only listed 2 things - 1) Beautiful house in the country (with a paragraph about where it would be and how it would look) 2) Adoring husband, blah blah blah. AND THAT'S AS FAR AS I GOT. Like those 2 things were going to make me the happiest person alive. Sweet Jesus.

But then I got a comment from a lovely lady (Hi Lori!) who suggested that rather than making a list of my dreams and then feeling bad about dreaming them, I could instead think about what I have now and appreciate them. Yes! One.day.at.a.time.

Ok. Here goes.

1) Perfect little apartment, very reasonalbly priced, in New York City.
2) Adoring boyfriend who loves me even in the grumpy morning time!! (and grumpy sleepy time, and grumpy hungry time...)
3) My dream job(s). I get to help people with their wedding, and help awesome humanitarians and missionaries tell their stories! Awesome!
4) Beautiful, sweet friends who encourage me and love me and tell me I am neat.
5) Wonderfully wise and supportive parents. They even throw a little cash my way when they find out I eat nothing but Ramen :)
6) Dreams. Yes, I will count them as a blessing. How wonderful to be able to dream, how wonderful that the Lord gives us dreams and wants and desires.

Let's just be sure to remember when those dreams come true, and not just ask for "More, please."

(p.s., I am counting this as my "accomplishment" for the week. :) )



  1. What happy thoughts! I think there's a balance between looking forward and blooming where you're planted.

    I've yet to find the above referenced balance.

  2. hello! you don't know me, but i came across your blog randomly and find it very interesting and creative. it seems to touch on some of the same ideas and themes i write about in my blog. anyway, thank you for sharing!

  3. Oh that is remarkable. Your words are simple, yet they carry a message that changed the way I look at my life. Thanks a lot.

  4. i tottally agree
    the last few months of my lifes ive been through
    -pointless pain (track)
    -pointless worrying (bunch of things)
    and ive always thought: oh i cant wait untill summer ill be so happy i wont have so much stuff to do
    but now its spring and ive realized that i really need to be happy right now and stop looking foward to dates that make me happy.

    your blog is amazingly optimistic and awesome:)

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  6. I enjoy your sunny and intelligent outlook, you are a real spirit lifter! Keep sharing! :)

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  8. nice blog! :)
    have a great day
    Erica in Singapore