This is some film that I finally got developed from LAST summer/fall at the park...


Lala and TayTay



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i want to go to iceland.

i don't understand a word this guy writes, but i think icelandic horses might be my new favorite animal. stephen, thanks again for showing me something i will never have.



this is my friend megan.

and i love her. (isn't she hott?!?)

ok but her beauty is not the only reason i love her. she is crazy (in the most important ways) and she makes want to sing and play when i am with her, and she can write a blog like no other (i mean, check THIS OUT) i love to hear her talk, and i love to read what she writes, and i LOVE to hear her sing. her thoughts are important to me, and i think they should be important to you too. so go say hello to her.

and don't worry, she loves people even when they are stupid, so feel free to be yourself around her.

and that is a little bit of megan. isn't she great?

love love and more love,




So I woke up this morning to what i thought was a very foggy morning. Then I walked to the window and realized that is was snowing! Birmingham became a beautiful winter wonderland, something quite rare for the southeast. It was so great. We went and played in the park and it was blissful.