Bedouins Benefit Show

Friday August 15th The Urban Standard in downtown Birmingham is hosting a benefit show for Bedouins International!! I've been working at Urban for a while now part-time as a barista. It is really one of the most friendly work environments I have ever had, and plus my job is super cool and the staff is super amazing.

I asked them if they would mind hosting a benefit for us, and they, being so very kind, said "Of course!" So be sure to make it out Friday night the 15th of August to hear Roger Eason and Neil Couvillion play, while enjoying the best coffee and cupcakes in town!


The Dark Knight

Just wanted to let everyone know that the new Batman movie is fantastically amazing. I went to the midnight premier last night, and I very rarely go to the theater unless it costs a dollar, but this movie was well worth it. Amazing acting (R.I.P. Heath), amazing directing and amazing story. And definitely worth seeing while in theaters. So go check it out!


Old friends...

I love having old friends. And I have so many great ones. I got to hang out with Hannah and John this past week, who I hardly ever get to see even though they live less than half an hour away. I don't think I had even seen John since he and Hannah got married 3 1/2 years ago. So sad. I want to make a better attempt at keeping up with friends like Hannah and John, because old friends are so good to have. Like I mentioned in the previous post, I am going to visit Calla Maria and David in Portland in a couple of weeks, which I am super excited about. And then in August I am hoping to see Charity, Tammy, Mary and Faith, my four "sisters." I love them so much. My friend Ben is in town now so I hope to spend some time with him this weekend too. It is so great to have chance to break away from my schedule and make time for the things that matter, and the people that matter, the most in my life. So many good memories are forgotten when old friends are lost; I hope I am never so unfortunate to forget that. So, here's to old friends...

Mary and Charity, my sisters and friends since the 2nd grade.

Faith, the "baby sis" of the Denton girls who has grown up to be an absolutely beautiful person inside an out.

Max (my neighbor who I actually used to babysit back in the day), me, Tammy (another Denton girl who is not only an amazing sister, but a wonderful friend), and Stephen (my wonderful boyfriend and very good friend)

Here's a really old shot of Calla Maria, Laura, John, and Lauren from our glory days in Auburn (I'm the one laying in CM's lap)

A great memory of a beach trip with Jonathan (an old friend from Auburn) and Melissa (one of my oldest and best friends from high school)

This is a lovely pic of my first roomates in the Birmingham Loft, Kelly and Amy. We made some beautiful memories together :)

This is Rachael and I at Auburn graduation. She is another one of my best friends from high school.

What can I say about Kenty-Mac? I think this picture speaks for itself...

Steven Nave, one of my oldest friends in the world.

Here's Ben and I at one of the infamous Naval Balls. He and Tyler traded me and Calla Maria of every year for those things..and I loved it! I always had a blast with those guys!

I'm sure there are many more memories to remember and even more to be had...thanks so much to all of my old friends for making my life so wonderful! Love you guys!