11 days and counting...

Hello my dears...only 11 more days until the big trip, the trip that is going to change my life forever. I am terribly excited, but also terribly terrified. Its a good terrified though - I think.

There have been a lot of disasters recently. The university over there didn't approve of my insurance. That was annoying. So now I have to take out a third -
yes, count it, a third - insurance policy through the University of Canterbury. Its not too expensive though. Then today I found out that I have been "reallocated to a Stage 3 flat" which means I'll be living in a dorm/apartment/flat thing that is twice as expensive. That happened because I'll be going down there for their second semester, and of course no one moves out after the first semester except for the older students who graduate. Hence, i'll be moving in with older students in the expensive flat. Now everyone is gonna think I'm some spoiled rich little American girl. Well maybe not.

I was really scared about the money thing though. But then I realized that I paid like $2600 too much for tuition so that will take care of the extra money it will cost to live in the flat. I'm gonna be living in a flat. How cool is that? And it has a rubbish tin. Thats right, a rubbish tin. And I have to take it to the skip when its full. Doesn't that sound so much better than taking the trash can to the dumpster? I thought so too. I mean I might actually enjoy taking out the trash if I got to use cool words like rubbish and skip.

I'm getting anxious to leave. I've already packed most of my clothes. (Its winter there so I packed sweaters and jackets and things like that). I can't believe July 3rd is so close. It used to seem so far away. Impossibly far away. So far that I could dream about leaving without actually having to leave. But now its more like reality. I'm leaving in 11 days.
I'm really leaving in 11 days.

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