It is Tuesday. I leave Sunday. AAAaaaaAAaAaaaaAHHHhhhhHHhhHHHhhh

That is me jumping and screaming. On the inside of course. Sweet mercy.

I mean of you only knew the stuff I had to crawl through to get here, to get to the place where I can say "It is Tuesday. I leave Sunday."

I can only say THANK YOU GOD because that is the only way I can possibly be here. This is what He had to do for me to allow me to go:

1) Raise $12,000
2) Convince my parents it was a good idea, and not only that but an exciting opportunity that they wish they could do as well
3) Give me motivation to fill out the mountains of paperwork (application, enrolment, acomodation, visa, AU abroad)
4) Give me time to fill out mountains of paperwork
5) Give me a dream, a desire to go, a vision
6) Have people believe in me and encourage me
7) Give me the guts to go to a different country, a different hemisphere, not knowing a soul, and scariest of all, the guts to ride on a plane (make that 5 planes) by myself
8) Work through stupid complications like my insurance not being approved, my second thoughts about going and leaving everyone and everything I knew, not being sure if the money was going to be enough, being relocated to a more expensive flat (room)

And the list goes on...but everything worked out. Against all odds. Tuition was half of what I expected, I just got another $1000 scholarship that I wasn't expecting, all of my paperwork is in, I had the most fabulous people helping me and being patient with me both in New Zealand and at Auburn. Its really amazing that I'm doing this. I've always had big dreams, but I've never been very good at following through with them. Somehow my biggest dream came true.


  1. Jessi... I'm feeling all those things! Wow, except you are leaving Sunday! Flying by yourself will be awesome. I did it last summer to Oklahoma, but in a month it will be to Belgium. Aaaauggh! It's fun because you are the "mystery girl" and everybody looks at you like you must have a really exciting life. In an airport by myself I feel like the world is mine to conquer. Okay, I will frequent your blogspot. We will share our crazy journey stories, okay?

  2. Amy my love, I miss you desperately. Thanks for your comment...I love getting comments...they make me feel good inside. We definately need to share our stories...I hope you're having a feet-tastic time! Oh man, that was beyond cheesy...