I talked to my best friend's little sister yesterday about going to New Zealand. She kept asking me if I was nervous. I told her I wasn't. She asked again, "But aren't you nervous?" "No, I'm really not. I mean I'm a little anxious, a lot excited, but I really don't feel nervous." "So you're not nervous?" "No."

Is that weird? I mean I should be pretty nervous. A few weeks ago I was really nervous. Not so much about the living in New Zealand part, mainly the flying to New Zealnd part. I've never flown by myself. Trying to find my way through 5 different airports - big airports - is a little intimidating. But right now I am just ready to go. i mean I have been anticipating this moment for the last 9 months. Now I have 3 days. Wow. Three days.

By the way I'll be in Auburn saturday afternoon. I fly out Sunday morning. Yeah thats in 3 days. I'll be honest though, this last week has been the longest week of my life. That might be a good thing though. I should savor every moment I have here. I don't want time to go by too fast. Before I know all of this will be over. Sad thought.

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