i'm going to see every mile pass me by.


This is what happened (long story short): I started packing to go home. My stuff didn't fit in the trailer with the other people's stuff. So I rented a car and I'm bringing the rest home by myself. I decided it's better this way. Because this is one move I am not going to miss. I am not going to sleep while someone else drives. I am not going to fly and miss all of the in-between (which is what really makes things what they are). I am going to see every single mile between New York City and Magnolia Springs, AL. I am going to know how I got there. So there.

p.s. I'm in Virginia and it's 9 degrees outside. Ouch.


  1. brrr! stay warm & drive safely!

  2. Always liked traveling cross country - liked stopping at the little places to eat and get fueled up. Kinda neat to see what life is like in the little towns :)

    Hope you made it home okay!