i saw every. single. mile. :)

Packing up your life and moving back in with your parents after living in New York City is not the easiest thing for a "grown-up" (and I use that term loosely) to do. But alas, my time in The Big Apple is over, at least for now, and the door to my parents' home was really the only open one I had left to go through. I do know how blessed I am to have a home to go back to, of course, but I must say it is a bit strange coming back. And a bit hilarious since my 23 year old brother has also moved back. It's like the good old days...except we call each other more sophisticated names than "poop-face" (most of the time).

So anyway, I made it! It was a long, fabulous journey home. I think Virginia is my new favorite state. It was full of snow-topped rolling hills and old wooden farmhouses. I loved driving through. I loved seeing everything in between here and there. But now it's so strange to be back here. New York feels like a dream. This last year feels like a dream. My future feels like a dream. I have no idea where I am headed and that is both terrifying and exhilarating.

Here is what i do know though: I will learn how to build a cabin this year. My parents have some wooded property back behind their house and I am going to build a little "retreat" place for myself, and for anyone else who comes to visit.

I'm still working on "growing to learn to love to live," but I think I'm getting closer. And really, I think that's the point of life. We live so that we can love to live.

I'll have photos of my mini road trip soon, but in the meantime, check out my newest project. This is to get me ready for the cabin - I am helping my parents fix up the attic so that I have a place to stay. Yes, the attic. But it is actually going to be super rad I think. Unless my brother chooses to share it with me. He has a tendency to make things, well, not clean. Yeah we'll see.

The attic, pre-remodel:


  1. Marsha Joachim12/20/10, 12:14 PM

    Wow that's deep. I still think it is amazing how God brought the three of us together this year, only to send us all in our separate journey back home to live with our parents. It was a blessing to be a part of your big apple experience. I just said good bye to Gracie...now there is one little monkey jumping on the bed :)

  2. glad to see you made it ok! things will level out soon enough and everything will get a little more focuesd, trust me, jessi, you have so many more yeaars ahead of you. besides, being home for christmas is a good thing right/?

  3. i can help you with your new attic home when i get back if you want :)