that's what it's all about.

And I am not talking about the Hokey Pokey my friends (though that is quite a worthy subject). I was inspired about some of the things my new friends were saying on the previous post about grace, and really wanted to touch on, well, a very touchy subject.


How many of you have been hurt by The Church? (I use its proper noun form when I mean the people who make up what we call The Church, not the building itself of course. Unless a church fell on you, or you tripped over an old rug and bumped your head and got a concussion...ok I digress...) Anyway, I'm being serious here. Who is mad at The Church?

Ok I'll start. I am.

Can I vent for a second? I hate it when churches invest millions of dollars in fancy chairs and a fancy stage and other things that don't seem too important WHEN THERE ARE STARVING PEOPLE OUTSIDE THEIR DOOR. Now I do understand wanting the House of God to be warm and welcoming, and even beautiful (I mean, ancient Jewish temples were immaculate, but in a good way usually. They lived in reverence to God and wanted His House to be the most beautiful place they entered...but of course there is a fine line between revering God and merely trying to please Him [remember grace?] but that's a whole different story.)

So that's part I do hate. The selfish, striving, "I'm right and you're wrong" kind of attitude.

But that isn't why I go to church every Sunday.

Yesterday I went to this great little church in East Harlem. The worship team might not have made it too far on American Idol, but they loved the Lord, and they sang to Him. Everyone was dancing and shouting and praying out loud. And smiling.

I looked over to my right and saw a woman leaning against the wall. She was obviously not feeling too good, and kept rubbing her neck - it looked like she had some back pain. I saw a woman in the row in front of me get up and go over to her and start rubbing her shoulders and talking to her. She kept rubbing her shoulders for a while. That other woman started smiling.

That's what it's all about my friends.

Like I've said many times before, people screw up. And unfortunately, people have given The Church, and Christ himself, a bad name. But you don't go to church because of those people. You go to church to worship the one who made you, and to love those whom He made.

I encourage you to find a place where these people are - people who love the Lord and people you can relate to. People you can find fellowship and friendship with. I promise they are out there. And it has made all the difference in the world to me.




  1. There are two blogs that address modern christianity today. I encourage you to view them and share them please.

    If you wish to truly follow Jesus Christ as His disciple and not just be a church goer - then you must see these two blogs (with videos).

    Living as a Disciple of Jesus Christ

    Christians in Danger !

    The LORD bless you!

  2. Exactly the feeling I have had for quite some time, just couldn't put it into words. Very well said. Amazing, thanks for sharing.

  3. I feel that church should be like home, with people who care and who would share with you. Too often I feel its this social place where even though there are people around you are still alone because you can't really open up and be yourself, you always have to portray a certain way or talking lest people see you as not christian enough. That's what I have against The Church, we're not free to admit that sometimes we do fall short and sin, or get depressed and run low on faith, instead of being encouraged and lovingly lifted up from our falls we're rather accused and looked at badly!

  4. Thanks for the responses...

    I think sometimes we are made to believe that because we are "christian" we are somehow meant to be happy all the time. But here's the thing - if we were always happy, we would never need each other, let alone God. And while I do not think that God necessarily causes pain and suffering, I do know that He brings so much good out of it. As the Church, I think we have the responsibility to share these hurts with each other. Otherwise, they are wasted.