the subway part 2.

Oh dear. The Subway. I love it, I do. As I've mentioned before, it is the only place I can appropriately cuddle with strangers - a pleasure indeed. But then sometimes you get on a train with an obnoxious starved-for-attention teen. Bless his little heart. I really wanted to give him a good ass-kickin. But alas, I knew it wasn't the most loving thing to do, and I am all trying to learn how to love and stuff.

Here's what happened:

I am on a packed train, blessed with a seat and trying to catch up on some sleep, when three 16-ish year olds get on, one obviously a bit eccentric with his bleached afro-hawk and nose piercing and multiple tatoos, jewelry and red and black checkered skinny jeans. Dear boy. At first I wanted to be his friend. And then, he starts giggling with his friends and rapping Eminem's "Under the Influence" as loud as he could. Over and over again. I have refrained from writing out some of the lyrics here, so as not to do the same thing to you that he did to me. But you can click the title if you are super curious. Suffice it to say that it was obvious that he admired Eminem's disregard for what other people thought.

But then here's my thing: If he really did not care about what other people thought, why oh why did he make such a point of trying to get a reaction out of everyone around him (including the poor girl who tried getting on the train and was met by this strange boy humping the air)??

What is up with this generation? Are they so starved for attention that they will actually go to the extremes of wanting someone to get angry? Maybe I shouldn't generalize to the whole generation - I know not everyone is like that. But seriously, it made me so sad. What was going through his head? Is he so insecure that he wants to overcompensate by acting like he doesn't care? Do his parents completely suck? I wish I could understand people like him. I wish I could be his friend and show him that he can be loved, that he is in fact loved. How he doesn't need to try and incite a reaction out of someone to get attention.

Ugh. But I am no one. And talking to him would have ended with him laughing in my face and getting exactly what he wanted - a reaction. I hate being so helpless in these situations. I mean I don't want to pretend like I know what's going on in his head, but at the same time I know that something is going on, you know?

Well, I just pray that he meets someone who can talk to him. Who does have some kind of a say in his life and his future. Cause I mean, if he harnesses that energy and outgoingness for good, he will be a force to be reckoned with. Fo shizzle. Ha, maybe then we could be friends. :)


  1. Okay. Wow. First of all, can I admit that I have a very, very, VERY difficult time even TOLERATING people like that? My first reaction would have been to get angry, then disgusted, and... who knows where it would have gone from there? But I like your take on the whole situation. You even remembered to pray for him! Personally, that's very difficult for me to do when I don't like someone. I commend you. We should all do more praying for people and not let our "judginess" (yeah, I totally made that up) get in the way.

  2. OMG! I had a very similar experience on the bus today. 3 very immature rude and disrespectful teenagers. They used the n-word more times than I can count in addition with every other foul word in the dictionary, and their conversation topics (which I tried so hard not to hear) were perverted as well. Their language, conversation, and behavior was absolutely terrible. It really upset me and offended me. I began to wonder the same thing as you: What is up with this generation?
    I'm sorry you had to put up with that; however, I'm happy you're so mature and Christ-like about the situation. I'm also glad you had the same experience as I did in that you have given me some perspective on the event. That these boy wanted attention or something like that for whatever reason. And instead of being upset about the whole thing, to pray for them and move on. Thank you for sharing. p.s. I enjoy your blog. Peace in Christ :)

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  4. nice one. there are times when praying for someone is the best thing we could do for him.

    i have written a poem entitled subway.



  5. Stuff like that definately always happens on the train. This story is so classic haha.

    but being in high school I can say people who act this rediculous are sort of the outcasts. So maybe he did need a friend.

    Do you ever wonder what these people will be like when they grow up?

  6. I'm 17 and I would NEVER do something so rude and inconsiderate...But then again I'm a girl and I'm homeschooled, and I'm very devoted to God, so that probably has something to do with it. Very nice entry, I tried to vote for you on bloginterveiwer, but I can't click the 'thumbs up' button. Keep up the good work though! ^^

  7. It will be moments like that he will look back on when he leaves his youth behind and wonder himself, "Just what was I thinking?!?" I know I have those moments in my past that I am slightly ashamed of...

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