Here are the long awaited pictures of my travels here in New Zealand. I'll go in chronological order. Enjoy!

This was my view from the plane coming into Auckland, NZ.

This is my flatmate Kestrel and I at Sumner Beach.

Here I am hanging on for dear life on a jumpy swing thing in a playground at the Botanical Gardens. (By the way, this thing was amazing - so fun.)

And here is the beautiful New Brighton Beach.

The group in Hanmer Springs. (From left to right : Laurel, Laura, Kestrel, Justin, Becky, and Matt)

Of course, these are just a select few of the pictures I have, but I thought they would give you the best idea of the BEAUTY that is New Zealand. I hope you like them!

(Yeah I know the formatting on this post is a little messed up - like the words being off centered and such- but my computer illiterate brain can't fix it. Trust me, I've tried. So sorry to those perfectionists out there.)

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  1. Pretty pictures. Maybe I can post some of Portland soon. I love you. I miss you terribly. We're having a party tomorrow and I'm making sangria. I wish you were here to drink some with me.