feeling known

I went shopping with my friend Emily today. We were looking for jeans, but of course I ended up getting more than jeans. One of the things I got, Emily picked out for me. She said it looked like such a Jessi sweater. How cool is it that she knows a Jessi sweater when she sees one? When I got home and showed my stuff to Kestrel, she said the same thing. "That's so you."

I am finally beginning to feel known.

Sunday we went tramping (hiking) near Hanmer Springs. It took us 3 hours to get there though, instead of the 2 we thought it would take. There were 6 people in the car, four in the back - I was in the back. Fun times. My butt is still sore.

But thats not the half of it. Two hours into the hike it started raining. And it was cold. We decided to go ahead and turn back. It was a long walk back to the car. By the time we got back we were completely soaked and muddy. Then we had climb into the Honda Concierto and drive the three hours back - wet, muddy, and cold. The heat was blasting, the windows were completely fogged. It was miserable. But it was an incredible bonding experience. As we cuddled for warmth in the back seat, Josh continued his stories about his Jewish schooling- how he cheated his way through it (apparently public school kids learned how to cheat from the Jews) and how his dating a non-Jew isn't going over too well with grandma. Justin says he's more of a Jew than he realized. Josh isn't sure if there even is a God. Justin lets me put my head on his shoulder and sleep. (Don't worry, I'm not his type...he bats for the other team if you know what I mean). Random bursts from the radio sing out. Kepler sings along. We keep readjusting. We are getting more and more comfortable with each other. There's no longer a such thing as "personal space." Kestrel gives me an oreo, Justin is appalled that we would eat such a vile and unhealthy food. He is especially appalled at Kestrel, her being such a hippie. Rosie is driving; she hates having to drive so slow on the unfamiliar roads - she thinks the people behind her are getting annoyed. She gets them to pass her as much as she can.

I am really starting to know these people...

I even let them borrow my flip flops when we stop to get pizza and chinese takeout. (they are the only shoes that aren't soaked and muddy). Its a beautiful thing.


  1. borrowed flipflops make me happier than owned flipflops. Kind of like toothbrushes.

    One morning (it was early one morning at leadership last year) I was about to go for a walk by myself and when I got to the door of the house (at Coffee Baptist Vineyard) I realized that I was still barefoot. I put on the closest pair of flipflops and left. They were either David's or John's. It was one of the best walks of my life.

  2. I'm glad you feel known---there is nothing better than when someone can look at a piece of clothing and see that it belongs on you, specifically you---they must be quite some people to know you this well already jess--may you all grow closer these next few months

  3. So...can *I* borrow your flip flops sometime!?