A couple of nights ago I had my first taste of Vegemite. I only had a little piece of toast with a small dot of vegemite, but oh man could I taste it. It is some strong stuff. I think its made out of yeast extract or something weird like that, but it has some vegetable spices in it too...I think. I don't really know what its made of exactly. Anyway, the Kiwis here love it. They put in on toast, but they only put a little bit. Apparently its something you have to grow up on to love. (Kind of like Americans with peanut butter and jelly - all of the Kiwis I have met think peanut butter and jelly is a disgusting combination).

Last night Josh gave Kepler $5 to eat a peice of toast with a lot of Vegemite on it. He agreed, but he almost couldn't finish it. It was hilarious. I'll have to get Kestrel to send me the pics. My advice to you: If you ever come to New Zealand, and you want to try the Vegemite, don't think you can spread it on like peanut butter...you'll regret it big time.

It is cold and it is wet and it is windy. Having an umbrella is no good because the wind just blows it away and you get wet anyway. Hopefully it will be better by this weekend. Hows the weather in Bama? No wait, don't tell me. I don't think I want to know. I'm sure its miserable...

Ok I must get to class. Sorry for such a boring post.


  1. It's hot, sunny and overflowing with peanut butter. Tell them I will mail ten dollars to whoever can eat two tablespoons of vegemite, or a stick of butter.

  2. Okay dont let them corrupt you, remember Penut Butter and Jelly are still a way of life. I am not sure but it could be possibly fatal if you dont eat it at least 7 times a year, minimum. We are starting construction on the loft tomorrow so just pray that I dont screw it up to bad.

  3. I've never had vegemite, but the jars of black yeast paste I've seen never look very appetizing. But I suppose we all have our crazy foods that no sane person anywhere else in the world would try.

    I know you don't want to know about the weather but to be honest it's too hot and way too humid! The minute you walk outside it's sweat city. I think I'd trade it for a little wind & rain sometime.

    So, you should totally come check out Xanga. Lots of people you love are there!


  4. My jessi!!! I miss you!! How are you liking New Zealand?? Do you have an address I can mail you stuff you will that take like a year to get to you? I have so many questions I don't even know what to say!!!! But I will say this for the time being.. I miss you and love you and hope your life is changing in awesome ways. and p.s. we now have a target in auburn so you best come home soon.

  5. Jessi!!!!


    There is so much to say/tell you/etc, as I know that you are doing your best to keep us on track whilst you are in the Zealand.....so I will keep this short.


    How are you?

    So glad that part of you is on the net now, so I can read your thoughts :-).

    Well, time to go.

    See? That was short and sweet and unrelated to what you posted about!!!! woohoo!!!!

    yeah, well, I guess i'll be seeing you around sometime, someday.......until then, keep it flowing and keep it real, as you always do :-D


  6. I'm going to Auburn next week and I just know that it won't be the same because you won't be there. Maybe we'll bring a picture of you with us and talk to you like you are really there. That sounds stable.
    I'm so glad to hear that you are liking living around all those Kiwi's. I hope you don't make corny jokes comparing them to the fruit, but something tells me that you might.
    I love you so much and would love to get your address so that I can write to you or send you something.
    ACK! Gotta run.
    Bye Jessi-poo!