Sweet mercy this place is beautiful

Yesterday I went hiking with my flatmate Kestrel and a few other friends (yes, I have friends) and the things I saw were absolutely breathtaking. First, we went down to the coast at Sumner. You know the postcards you always see with the rocky shoreline and cliffs along the water and mountains out in the horizon? Well this was so much better. I wish I had my pictures developed. We went hiking along this trail that led us up the mountains and along the cliffs close to the shoreline. It was pretty steep in places, hard to climb sometimes, but so worth the view. At one point Kestrel, Dominic, and I went down to this little cliff/peninsula thing and we could look back to the cliff behind us and the see the waves crashing on the shore below us. The birds were flying, the seal was playing, I was freaking out by the absolute amazing beauty. The sun set. I wanted to live there. It was so beautiful.

And that was just in one day. One day of beauty. And I have four more months to go. So great.

I met my other two flatmates today. They seem really nice. Oh, but I found out one small problem. One of them is ridiculously attractive. God help me.

Jon Mark...yes its cold here. I think its like in the 30s and 40s. Colder up the mountains. But really not as bad as I was expecting.

Hannah...I miss you too!! I hope everything is going well. I'll definitely come visit you when I get back to the states.

School starts tomorrow. I'm kind of nervous. Actually I don't think I have classes on Mondays, so officially I don't have class until Tuesday. Still nervous.

Oh, so as some of you know Rugby is huge here. Last night was the last game (or test as they call it) of the Lions tour. They played against the New Zealand All Blacks, which happens only once in 12 years so it was a huge deal. I watched the game at the All Blacks home bar, called the Holy Grail, and it was the most intense game I've ever seen in my life. Football does not compare. Rugby goes very fast, its continuous, and its hard core. The guys that play are huge and fast and intense. It was so awesome. At the beginning of the game the All Blacks did the Haka, which is a Maori chant they do at the beginning of every game. It was really cool. And intimidating. You should watch it sometime.

So I think thats about it for now. Love you guys.


  1. Well, my love. So you're looking for the Mrs. degree, huh? Hummm...Well we just plead the blood of Jesus over you so whatever happens, happens...Did you read that Ben? See what you caused?
    We're getting ready for Hurricane Dennis. I emailed you with details. So pray!!!
    We are so covetous of what you are experiencing right now. We are so glad that you are able to be there at this stage of your life.It reminds me so much of the book I just finished, Hinds feet on High Places. I've got to send it to you. I recommend it to anyone reading this! The best book I've ever read. Shine that light of Jesus girl! We are so proud of you!
    We love you girl!!!
    Love, Mom & Dad & Zack

  2. First of all me and josh have been keeping up with the wheather their and why you gave up summer here for 30 degree cold is beyond me, but I am a wus with cold wheather so. You should consider joining the rugby team it that wasnt that last match you are really missing something by just watching it. You could walk around on crutches like I did. Lets see Hurricane dennis did not his us bad, wich is good and bad sort of. Anyway enjoy your cold wheather and hicks. Good luck in class.


  3. 25 degrees was the worst I saw. worst hurricane ever! No heavy wind no organic slip and slides no maria in jail. NOTHING!!!!

  4. Ever since I saw all the early shots from the making of The Lord of the Rings I've wanted to visit New Zealand. I'm definitely jealous you get to spend 4 months there! Even the rugby sounds exotic and fun. (Of course, attractive flatmates can also be exotic and fun.) Glad you're having a good time! =)

  5. I'm definitely looking forward to pictures.

    I hope you see snow!!!