And the winner is...

Ok so I made my decision on where to go for the break. New Zealand. Pretty crazy, eh? Its actually a lot crazier than you may think. There are five of us in a car with hiking/camping gear, food, clothes and various other necesities for a ten day trip across the South Island. Right now I'm using a computer in a hostel in Picton (which is at the northern tip of the South Island).
Guess what I was doing this morning. Well, you know, the usual - snorkling in the Pacific with a pod of 200 dolphins. Yeah it was amazing. Seriously a dream come true. I remember swimming in the bay across from my house and I would see a family of five or six dolphins on the other side. I would make stupid noises to try and get their attention, but I never got very close. This moring I was swimming with them - I mean there were hundreds of them swimming around me, under me - and they were inches from me.
That was actually in Kaikoura, a little south of Picton and north of Christchurch. The scenery was amazing. There were huge snowcapped mountains to our left and the Pacific Ocean to our right. Totally surreal.
Tomorrow we're going on the Queen Charlotte track at the Marlboro Sounds (in Picton). Its a two day hike. I even got a real bacpack and sleeping bag and hiking boots. I'm a real tramper. In New Zealand.
I'm trying not to think about the two papers I have due when I get back (that I haven't started on yet). I'm here for more than just school, right?
I have to say, it made me really sad when I read the XA e-mail about the kick-off BBQ and all of the fun stuff that was plannd for the week, knowng I wasn't going to be there. I remember my first kick-off BBQ my freshman year. I met kelly fly there. Oh man I'm gonna cry.
Ok well I only have about 2 minutes left on this thing so I'm gonna go. Love you guys!


  1. yeh it was fun here. Did you know that dolphins are actually very vicious. they have been know to kill smaller dolphins and porpoise for no reason. they are natures jerks. Going hiking huh? aren't you the one that complains about having to walk?

  2. That sounds sssoo exciting!!! I hope you have a blast. Oh I've got a pretty important question to ask you... I wanted to e-mail it to you but I don't know what address to send it to. Can you drop me an e-mail so I can reply back to it?? Thanks!! I can't wait until you come home. love you. -kelly

  3. I was just wondering when you were coming home...
    I am totally coming to visit when you get back.
    Have the most amazing time ever, okay?
    Love you!

  4. So how much longer will you be in NZ, isn't it til like November? I need to get Curt some speaking engagements there asap so I can tag along. :)