i am becoming a girl.

You know how when you get older you're supposed to mature and stuff - become a woman, etc? Yeah, not so much with me; at least, not anymore. I used to pride myself on not being much of a girly girl. I went through my "everything-has-to-be-pink" phase in high school when I wanted boys to like me (p.s., didn't work), but now I'm more of a tom-boy. My favorite color is green. I like to get sweaty and dirty after working in the yard all day (or at least, I think I do. I don't actually have a yard to speak of...) My point is, I keep telling everyone that I hate glittery, girly, froofy things. And then I started wedding planning.

Now I want tulle. And more tulle. I want ballgowns and ballet slippers and wildflowers and candlelight. The more froof the better. It's like I'm becoming that little girl again that just wanted to be a pretty princess when I grew up. It's true. I mean I seriously want my flower girls to look like this:

saddlerock ranch wedding
(Photo Credit: Picotte Photography via stylemepretty.com)

Heck, I want to look like that.

What has happened to me?!?

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  1. this is the cutest post ever. you are so precious :)