so i love gilmore girls. one of my favorite shows. however i was not fortunate enough to be able to keep up with it when it was first on air, so I've been watching it on abc family by recording it on dvr. but then stupid abc family skipped like 4 very important episodes and no one online has full episodes of the ones i'm missing. this is very upsetting. so i guess i'm just gonna have to go rent them. super bummer.

bigger bummer that i feel this so important as to write about it.


  1. very sad...

    you decide if I'm talking about not seeing the show or about the post...


  2. not so fast. I have friends with all of the dvds. I can probably borrow one for you. What season is it?

  3. I have friends with all of the seasons too! So, fear not.

  4. sweet action!! i need season six episodes 7-11, however my very good friend paul has put it in his netflix queue and it will be coming in the next couple of days...but of course if anyone has it for me, say tonight :), then that will also be agreeable...