mmm taco bell

well, we made it to ft lauderdale! praise the Lord we weren't deterred by any weather; everyting has gone quite smoothly, and we are looking forward to our flight to HAiti tomorrow morning. we were surprised by a free hotel stay (thanks to dr. reynolds, the woman we are travelling to haiti with) for the night...we had originally intended on staying overnight in the airport so this was a magnificent surpise. and then of course we walked down to taco bell for our last "american meal" before we leave tomorrow morning for haiti. i am so excited about the trip. stephanie and paul are talking now about video ideas and the footage that they want to capture on the trip. i can't wait to see what we come back with. for those of you who wanted more info on what we are doing in Haiti, you can check out the Bedouins blog or go to our facebook group for a description of the project.

love you guys mucho!

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