Jessi Casara

Some of you may be wondering where I got the name Casara. As most of you may have, or at least should have realized if you know me, is that my last name is not really Casara. It's actually a sort of nickname I picked up from my grandpa. Actually, I didn't call him grandpa, I called him Fred. Well, Fred was his name. I don't really remember much about Fred. He was my momma's daddy. He was a funny old man. He liked to play jokes. He liked to stick out his tongue. One of the few memories I have of him is how he used to sit on one of those plastic "doughnuts" for some reason unbenounced to me. I mean I was like seven years old. I didn't really care. But the two things I remember most about Fred are when he would recite the alphabet for me and when he would send me birthday cards. Silly memories, sure, but really, they can't be. Out of all of the memories, those are the ones engrained in my memory forever. I remember when Fred would call me on the phone and he would tell me how he had finally learned the alphabet and so he would proceed: acdfjgieusjdmbpgoiajzmncvx. I would be like no, no, no. Here's how it goes...and I would say my alphabet for him. He was so proud. Ok, by now I'm sure you've all been waiting with eager anticipation for my explanation of Casara. Well, it lies within my birthday card memory. Everytime I got a card from Fred it would be adressed to Jessi Casara Lambert (my real name is Jessica Sara Lambert). You see, my family calls me Jessi, and so he would say that when people were saying Jessica Sara, they were actually saying Jessi Casara, because Jessi is my name, not Jessica. That always stuck out in my mind for some reason. Recently I decided that if I were to ever finish writing my book or if were to ever cut a CD, I would go under the name Jessi Casara. I mean it even sounds like a cool-person name, doesn't it?

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