Oh forgetful heart

You know, your heart will forget things if you let it. Time may heal a broken one, to some extent, but it also may make the good times a bit foggy. Or make you forget why it wasn't right in the first place. Love forgotten is never good, no matter how it turned out in the end.

But as I have learned, forgetting is a whole lot easier than letting go. That part takes more strength than I have yet to know. To let go but not forget. That is so important if you ever want to learn from this. At the same time, love is not some evil thing put in this world to teach you a lesson. You are better because of it. And it is good to let go and not forget; love taught you that.

Because love, at least in the small way that I have known it, does not refuse to do good. And while love does not guarantee a happy heart, it does guarantee a good one.

Let's at least remember that.

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  1. it's a really interesting article. But if you still love someone or you still got feelings for that person, the logical is just move on, and yep the hardest part its always letting him/her go..
    But i think that its impossible to forget someone you used to love..you could move on, or find another person, but those memories will remain maybe not in the same way it used to be.

    but maybe that's just me haha!!