So for any of you that know me, you probably know that I am a fairly huge Hanson fan. They are the only band that I have consistently listened to over the last decade. So of course, I was super pumped about them coming to play in Birmingham where I live. I was even more pumped when my super great photographer boyfriend got me into the show for free because he shoots for that particular venue.

And then my mind was blown when I got to go backstage and hang out with them in the Green Room.


That's what I was thinking. But I was super cool in real life, barely let on that I loved them. :)


  1. haha...how much fun was that?!

  2. Wow. Hanson is way hotter than I remember!

  3. omg omg omg omg!!!!

    my roommate is obsessed with hanson, too. i'm telling him, and both of us will be insanely jealous!!!

  4. no wai!!!

    remember that time when we were supposed to go to a hanson show in florida and then the hurricane said NO?

    <3 you.

  5. Hanson fan or not , I just want to say I admire the work you do with Bedouins International. I found out about it today and was blown away.