So I desperately don't want to go to the rest of my classes today. It doesn't help that I have 15 minutes more to kill before my next class. It gives me time to make up excuses not to go.

1) She doesn't take role
2) Its a BEAUTIFUL day and I shouldn't be stuck inside for the next three hours
3) Everything she says comes straight from the book
4) I know how to read
5) In the class after that one, we just had a test, and he'll probably just talk about how we should have done better
6) I don't want to go to class
7) I don't learn anything in that class
8) I want to hang out with Kelly FLy

Ok, I'm not going to class.

You like how I did that don't ya?


  1. I didn't want to go to work today.

  2. I'll give you that. The nice days are trying to hide but when you can find the good day or two a week it is indeed a really graceful day.

  3. Wow - How early is your first class or did you just get out of it early? PS - Did you know that it shows your post time for this post to be at 5:45 AM? It kinda gives a different vibe to it all... Anyway, just kinda thought that was funny and probably nobody else would notice it.

  4. ah yes...that would be because it is still on New Zealand time

  5. I miss you, Jessi.
    Very much.

  6. Jessi,
    Why is it when you call I am allways working? We need to hangout sometime. I am off tuesdays for sure.