good people (not the beer).

Meet Calla Maria and her lovely family.

Calla Maria was one of my besties in college and I think I am much the better for it. She taught me how to go on spontaneous road trips and to love the color green. I miss her dearly. She lives in Portland, Oregon now with her sweet-as-pie husband and gorgeous children. I took some photos of them last year when they were in Ft. Lauderdale, just for funsies. She is also going to be one of my maids when I get hitched in March! I am most certainly looking forward to seeing her again. Love you Calla Maria!


  1. The new baby is cute, but I think I'm going to need that toddler to go in my backpack so I can squish her when I want.

  2. Your post has made this Grandmama very happy. You can never have too many picture of your grandbabies.

    Congrats on your upcoming marriage!

    Calla (Linese, not Maria) Davis