So Portland was amazing. I had almost forgotten how much I love the Davis-Boozers. Hanging out with them was so great, and it was really great for them to get to meet Stephen too, not just because he took some amazing photos, but because it was really weird for my best friend not to know my boyfriend and other best friend. And plus, she had to approve. (p.s. did you approve CM?)

I'll link Stephen's photos as soon as he gets them back from the lab.

As far as the city of Portland goes, it was really great and really different from anywhere in the Southeast. Everyone was super eco-conscious...there were recycling bins on every corner and you would probably get run over by a biker (because driving is bad for the environment) if you were holding anything made of styrofoam. There were also free stuff boxes outside of a lot of homes where you could just grab whatever you wanted, and every home had a beautiful garden in their little front yards. The air felt better there...there were so may trees and plants so breathing was a joy (in great contrast to the air pollution warnings we get weekly here and Birmingham)... and then of course being able to wear sweaters in the mornings and evenings was a great change from the 90 degree weather in Alabama.

It really was a great trip and I would suggest visiting Portland if ever you get a chance to take a vacation. And you should look up the Davis-Boozers while you're there - they make excellent guides and travel companions! Pics to come soon!

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