Snow, church, and Johhny Depp

Sorry I haven't posted in a while; I've been kinda busy. Some exciting things have been happening! First of all, it snowed last week!!! It was so beautful. Kestrel came into my room and woke me up Monday morning screaming, "Jessi, it's snowing!" I was like, "What?" (I was still mostly asleep.) She went to my window and threw back the curtains and I couldn't believe my eyes - everything was covered in white and the snow was still falling. I hurried up and ate and got dressed (no time for a shower) and went outside to play. We made my very first real snowman and had a snowball fight with some of our friends. So fun. The crazy part is that I was wearing a tshirt outside two days before. Apparently we got an Antarctic blast or something.

Also, I finally found a church! Its called City New Life and I love it; everyone is so nice, the worship is great, everything is great. And it's in this cool old building downtown. I like it a lot. I just wish I would have found it sooner. Now I only have like 6 more weeks to go. Wow, I've almost been here for three months. Can you believe that? Right when I start to get settled and comfortable I'll have to leave. Not that I don't want to leave - I do miss you guys tremendously, but I can see how its gonna be hard leaving all of the people that I 've shared my life with these last few months. It would be like leaving Auburn for good after my first semester. I mean I hated college when I first got there; I missed my friends from high school so much, but after I got through the first semester I loved it. Its kind of the same thing here. Although, I seriously doubt I could love this place as much as I love Auburn. The friends I've made there will never be replaced.

On a happy and relieving note, I got an A on that research report I was slightly worried about, so thats good news. I'm just about done with the hard school work stuff now - just one more test and then finals! Hooray! Now I can relax and read...something I've been loving lately.

Anything new in Auburn? Are there a lot of new people in XA? How's the football team doing?

In addition I need some sane people to back me up in the fact that Johhny Depp is one of the most amazing actors out there...I din't say the best, but he's definitely one of them. I have officially declared war against Josh Ezzell in this matter. I need soldiers. I need you!! So, my fellow Johhny Depp fans, our ammunition is as follows: leave comments on either my blog or on Josh's saying why Johhny Depp is such an amazing actor. Thank you so much for your support. Peace, Love, Nike


  1. Need soldiers huh? I'll take you all on. You can beat me because I only speak truth about this matter,

  2. Hey sweetie! I miss you so much. I hope that you're doing well over in New Zealand. When do you get back? Chi Alpha is going really well this year, but it isn't the same without our Jessi. Lol. Lots of love, Erin

  3. Jessi! I dreamed about you last night...can't really remember what it was about, but I think it involved something with a beach. Hm. But I woke up and decided to jump to your site and see how you're doing. Snow! That's awesome! Don't you mean you made a snowWOman? Erin's right. XA's got a lot of new people, and quality ministry is happening I think. But it's really different. Just look at the girl cell leaders! Not many old fogies still around. :(
    But though we love our new ones! :)
    Hm. Glad you found the church. Wish I could go check it out there with you! Okay, Dear. I need to run. Take care! See you in Nov. (?). Muchos loveos, Ben.

  4. I think it rocks that you can say "ANTarctic blast" and really mean it! :) I miss you Jessi, thanks for the birthday wishes. Hope your last six months rock!

  5. Yeah, it is pretty cool to actually be able to say antartic blast.

    In regards to Johhn Depp: I used to think that Johhny Depp was a terible actor, even after I saw Pirates of the Carribean. I saw that flick and thought to myself that he just got lucky. It was the movie that was good, not the actor. Then some time later I was talking to my mom and I was telling her how Finding Neverland was a pretty good movie and she was telling me about Chocalat. During the conversation I discovered that the lead in both of those movies was Johhny Depp. And so I said hmmmmm. Maybee he actually is a good actor and just happened to do some terrible movies when he was starting out. What I'm trying to say is that who could have known that Johhny Depp was actually a good actor after seeing The Nightmare Before Christmas. I mean who knew? Besides Jessi that is.